Dr. Shauna L. Gatten, Ph.D. 

     Licensed Clinical Psychologist


   As a clinical psychologist, I have had extensive clinical training and  vast experience in providing psychotherapeutic services.  I obtained my Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from Ball State University and have been in practice in the Peoria area for 20 years.  I hold licenses in the states of Illinois and Indiana.

     Initially, I worked within a large psychiatric group practice.  For those seven years, my focus was primarily on working with children and adolescents.  After opening my own private practice in 2000, my clinical interests evolved and changed and as a result my practice now focuses primarily on working with adults.

     One of the things I love most about being a psychologist is that I get to witness the power of change in individuals that can be made through their involvement in psychotherapy.  Throughout my training and work experience, I have observed the healing process transform the countless lives I have had the privilege of helping.

     Over time, I have found that using a combination of psychotherapeutic approaches that incorporates positive psychology and spirituality leads others toward a more profound holistic level of healing.  Thus my practice has evolved into one that provides me with a greater sense of satisfaction, purpose and meaning.  To be able to facilitate others in achieving a deeper level of healing and satisfaction is both personally rewarding and fulfilling.

     I do believe that one of the purposes in my life is to guide and assist others in making psychological, emotional, behavioral and relational changes that can lead them toward greater happiness and psychological/emotional health.