Dr. Shauna L. Gatten, Ph.D. 

     Licensed Clinical Psychologist

     Engaging in psychotherapy can be a healing and empowering experience.  The therapeutic process can:

          -  Address emotional and/or psychological distress and behavioral concerns;

          -  Resolve relationship conflicts, help restore marital harmony, improve

                   family interactions;

          -  Assist individuals in gaining clarity and identifying key factors that are

                   influencing or exacerbating their problems;

          -  Facilitate individuals' discovery into how their negative thoughts,

                   verbalizations, reactions, or behavior patterns may be negatively

                   impacting their life experiences, relationships, performance or

                   overall well-being;

          -  Guide individuals through a process of developing new, healthier

                   boundaries, relationships, behaviors, thought patterns and life


          -  Enhance personal and spiritual growth, help uncover blocks, achieve

                   balance, and assist in outlining choices and decision making;

          -  Help individuals discover meaning, find purpose and identify important

                   life lessons from the problems they have endured.