Dr. Shauna L. Gatten, Ph.D. 

     Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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My name is Dr. Shauna Gatten and I have been working as a clinical psychologist for 20 years.  In my private practice, I work with individuals, couples, and families on a whole host of issues ranging from anxiety and depression to family strife and relationship issues.

I  utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches, matching and tailoring specific treatment methods to my client's unique set of psychological and/or emotional issues, behavioral complaints, or relationship challenges.  Drawing from my extensive training in clinical psychology along with my interest in mind/body health sciences, positive psychology and life coaching, I often incorporate approaches to mental, emotional, behavioral health and healing that extend beyond traditional psychotherapy and mere symptom reduction.  In addition, with my long-held belief in the mind-body connection, my treatment often reflects a holistic, comprehensive, integrated approach to treating individuals with specific mental, emotional, behavioral or physical problems.

My private practice is currently located within the Natural Balance Wellness Center at Junction City Center in Peoria.  I own one of several independent practices/businesses who have merged in order to provide clients with complementary therapeutic approaches to their unique complaints.  Our combined goal is to facilitate the healing of our client's mind, body and spirit.

I invite you to learn more about my practice.